Paintings by Steven Harris

Artist's "statement"

I don't really have one.  I like to paint.  I'm a representational painter.  I'm not interested in photo-realism; just rendering convincing paintings of recognizable scenes.

If my painting (and paintings) attempt to "say" anything it's just this: "Slow down and look".  In this highly amplified "drive-by" world where everything seems to be urgent, critical and often merely "virtual", folks often miss seeing what's right in front of them and I am as guilty of that as anyone.  One of my best "accidental" lessons on this point came when I had an unexpected day off in Paris a few years ago and took the opportunity to spend most of the day by myself wandering through the Musee d'Orsay four or five times while taking as much time looking at certain paintings as I cared.  It's absolutely amazing what you see when you stop and actually look at things.

I make an effort in my work to  remember the lesson I learned that day in Paris; cultivating connections to the "real" visual experience in everyday life that often appears when you do more than just fly by and glance at things.

About me - I've been painting on and off since I was a teenager but started getting more serious about ten years ago when time off from my law practice permitted - which was hit or miss due to my substantial international travel for my job. I have taken a few workshops over the last five years including classes withRusty Jones in 2014, Phil Bob Borman in 2017, Bruce Peil in 2018, and Colley Whisson in 2019.  I've been very lucky to pick four workshops so far where the artist was both a good teacher and a challenging source of new ideas.  I recommend all of them if you have interest in learning and being pushed to improve your work.
I had the good fortune to change jobs in January 2019 and no longer have to travel constantly; so I have some more workshops coming up this year and next.  These days, I'm working especially hard on improving my value and color choices.