Painting is not my job - it's what I do for fun and I hope that's the way it stays.  I painted when I was a teenager and when I came back to this about ten years ago, I found myself trying to copy what I saw; sometimes with good outcomes - most times not.  Some of the earlier efforts are back in the "older works" section and lots have gone to the happy hunting ground for failed paintings.  I'm still learning all the time.  More and more now I try to paint instead of copy what I see.  The challenge is to produce paintings that convey color, light, form, movement, and the sense of being somewhere.  

This website was started by my two daughters and has become a collection of my work at different times over the last ten years or so as I painted when time away from real work permitted.  I live in Texas and paint in the Texas Hill Country and on the Gulf Coast.  I also paint in Charleston, South Carolina and the Carolina Coast when I go visit my younger daughter and her family.  You will see some of all of these places in these paintings although sometimes I just look out my back door - that's our pool to the right.

All images copyright Steven Harris 2018